Most Valuable Player Awards

Mosman Rugby fields six senior teams and colts (under 21’s) in Division 1 of Sydney’s “Subbies Rugby” competition. After each game points are awarded by the coaches based on performance, each team allocated 3, 2, and 1 points per game. The recipient of the grades MVP award is the player who accumulates the most points in the regular season.

There is also an award, the O’Keefe Family Trophy for Club Best & Fairest Player, for the recipient of the most point across all grades, for the whole season. More information and recipients of this award can be found on the club awards page.

20221st GradeMatt Psaltis
20222nd GradeJames Harding
2022Colts ITom Roche
20223rd GradeMax Plodr
20224th GradeLachlan Davis
20225th GradeSam Dickinson
20226th GradeChris Polin
2022Colts IINathan Brimson
20211st GradeCampbell Clifford
20212nd GradeNick Horwitz
2021Colts IPatrick Flannery
20213rd GradeEd Collard
20214th GradeLuke Edwards
20215th GradeSam Trickett
20216th GradeSam Harrison
20217th GradeScott Adam-Smith
2021Colts IIJosh Duthie
20201st GradePat Danahy
20202nd GradeJake Hedge
20203rd GradeDan Stocks
20204th GradeMark Williams
20205th GradeMax Plodr
20206th Grade (Halligan)Sam Austin
2020Colts IAlex Shambly
2020Colts II (Radford)Liam Menzies
2020Colts III (Radford)Jack Hannon
20191st GradeTom Marshall
20192nd GradeWill Collard
20193rd GradeDan Stocks
20194th GradeNick Hale
20195th GradeTim Shrimpton
20196th Grade (Halligan)Sam Granger
2019ColtsThomas Pizzie
20181st GradeBryn Pritchard
20182nd GradeAndrew Ianna
20183rd GradeTom Marshall
20184th GradeMark Williams
20185th GradeOliver Neville
20186th Grade (Halligan)Jonathan Nicol
2018ColtsMatt Psaltis
20171st GradePat Danahy
20172nd GradeGreg Virgona
20173rd GradeMark Atme
20174th GradeCharlie Nordfeldt
20175th GradeLuke Baker/Nick Lowry
20176th Grade (Halligan)Oliver Woolf
2017ColtsBen Jeavons-Fellows
20161st GradeHarry Sullivan & Michael Mulligan
20162nd GradeNick Hale
20163rd GradeJake McPherson
20164th GradeRicky Love
20165th GradeJosh Hung
20166th Grade (Halligan)Nick Lowry
2016ColtsAlistair Holmes a' Court
20151st GradeDan Farrell
20152nd GradeBen Warnes
20153rd GradeDan Murray
20154th GradeSam Wolff-Gillings
20155th GradeMarty Thomas
20156th Grade (Halligan)Andrew Ridge
2015ColtsLuke Fleming and Tom Cleary
20141st GradeDan Farrell and Simon Meiklejohn
20142nd GradeNick Breen
20143rd Grade Andrew Corbett
20144th GradeNathan Osborne
20145th GradeRich James
20146th Grade (Halligan)Steve Hart
2014ColtsAlexander Williams & Jackson Fitzpatrick
20131st GradePat Meiklejohn and Henry Clark
20132nd GradeTom Gillespie
20133rd GradeRoss Millar
20134th GradeDrew Shardlow
20135th GradeSam Gibson
20136th Grade (Halligan)Mark Fountaine
2013ColtsAndrew Dickison
20121st GradePeter Shirvington
20122nd GradeNicholas Breen
20123rd GradeDavid Gray
20124th GradeMark Dixon
20125th GradeLuke Keller
20126th Grade (Halligan)Nick Ridge
2012ColtsJonte Searle
2012Under 85kgsLachlan Hodgkinson
20115th GradeAnthony Butler
20116th Grade (Halligan)Chris Taylor
2011ColtsDan Murray
20112nd GradeNicholas Breen
20111st GradeAndrew Ianna
20117th GradeGlenn Lihou
20113rd GradeTom Keller
20114th GradeTom Chapman/Nick Rose
20104th GradeAlly Young
20103rd GradeAndy Boivin
20102nd GradeNicholas Breen
2010ColtsRob Taylor
2010Under 85kgsNicholas Breen
20105th GradeCraig Ross
20101st GradeMichael Howes and Simon Meiklejohn
20106th Grade (Halligan)Graeme Inglis
20093rd GradeMike Wzionteck
20092nd GradeTristum McNamara
20091st GradeJames Knight
20095th GradeGavin Wicks
2009Under 85kgsTim Rist
20096th Grade (Halligan)Dan Van Der Heide
20094th GradePete Debney
20082nd GradeSam Macdonald
20083rd GradeMike Thompson
20085th GradeMike Wziontek
20086th Grade (Halligan)Chris Taylor
20081st GradeChris Polin
20084th GradePaul Gruber
2008Under 85kgsJames Knight
2007Under 85kgsSam Chambers
20071st GradeGreg Jenkins
2007ColtsSebastian Beilby/Nick Lowry
20072nd GradeAlexander Breen
2006ColtsNick Bradley
20061st GradeHenry Clark
2006Under 85kgsSam Monaghan
20051st GradeSteve Goodacre
2005ColtsBen Richards
2004ColtsAlexander Breen
2004Colts 2nd GradeNicholas Breen
20041st GradeElliot Tourle
20031st GradeChris Hatfield
2003ColtsSteve Goodare
20021st GradeSteuart McIntyre
20011st GradeMark Hutchison
20001st GradeDavid Steer
19996th Grade (Halligan)Kurt Maxey-Fisher
1999ColtsAndrew Hawkins
19992nd GradePeter Candy
19994th GradeDave Hayter
19997th GradeDarren Jeffries
19993rd GradeShane Gleghorn
19991st GradeMartin Rota
19995th GradeBen Thompson
19982nd GradeAli Damirichi
1998ColtsJohn Devernet
19981st GradeScott Lennon
19984th GradeTim Cope
19985th GradeRob Weeden
19983rd GradePeter Wesley
19986th Grade (Halligan)Rob McLachlan
19976th Grade (Halligan)Ross Squire
19973rd GradeJonathon Browne
19975th GradeIan Hannaford
19974th GradeTony Bewley
1997ColtsNick Wyeth
19972nd GradeConnall McGuckian
19971st GradeAndrew Campbell
1987ColtsMark Henderson
1987Colts 2nd GradeMac Alexander
1986Colts 2nd GradeMatthew Davis
1985ColtsAndrew Crowe
1984Colts 2nd GradeJason Tunbridge
1984ColtsPhillip Quick
1983Colts 2nd GradeGerard Edmunds
1983ColtsJames Salmon
1980Colts 2nd GradeM. Carroll and B. Farren
1980ColtsQ. Le Fevre and R. Webb
19071st GradeR. Pike and T. Clydesdale