Mosman Rugby Club Honour Roll

See who has performed for Mosman, both on and off the field and have been recognised with the clubs awards that are listed below.

We have a huge amount of history we want to share with you … as you can appreciate, this will take some time to complete! Many thanks to Jeff Hewitt, some of the club records and other historic information came from “Two Blues – 100 Years of Mosman Rugby” (1996), researched and written by Jeff Hewitt.

In the process of developing these ‘digital honours boards’ we are bound to get some things wrong and maybe even miss a few people or trophies out, if this is the case contact the committee (

2022Most Tries ScoredMatt Psaltis
2022Most Points scoredLuke Phillips
2022Social MVPTaylor Scott
2022Rookie of the yearCharlie Cannon
2022Michael Kennedy Award for Most Improved ColtAngus Strong
2022Bill Smyth Award Best & Fairest ColtOli Riddle
2022Afton Hema Most Improved Grade PlayerBen Hodgkinson
2022O'Keefe Family Trophy Best & Fairest Grade PlayerEd Collard
2022John 'Lumpy' Dean Volunteer of the YearAllan Horsman
2022Barry Williams Trophy – Coach of the YearTim Shrimpton / Paddy Yeoland
2022Gordon Simonds Clubman of the YearBen Jeavons-Fellows
2022Tom Duggan AwardFergus Tilt
2022Peter Lind Jewellers Grade Player's PlayerJames Sturrock
2022David Fisher AwardTom Pizzie
2021Most Tries ScoredCampbell Clifford
2021Most Points ScoredDarcy Searl
2021Social MVPDavid Garcia
2021Rookie of the YearChris Scott
2021Michael Kennedy award for Most Improved ColtBen Wilkins
2021Afton Hema Award for Most Improved Grade PlayerNick Horwitz
2021Bill Smyth Award for Best & Fairest ColtJames Harding
2021O’Keefe Family Trophy for Grade Best & Fairest PlayerCampbell Clifford
2021John ‘Lumpy’ Dean Volunteer of the YearTony Sambell
2021Barry Williams Trophy for Coach of the YearKarl Turner
2021Gordon Simonds Clubman of the Year AwardDan Wangatau
2021The Tom Duggan AwardMarty Thomas
2021Peter Lind Jewellery Players Player AwardCampbell Clifford
2021David Fisher Memorial TrophyJames Boyd-Hoare
2020The Tom Duggan AwardMatt Adam-Smith
2020Players Player
Bryn Pritchard
2020Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)
Tim Shrimpton
2020Coach of the Year
Karl Turner
2020David Fisher Memorial Trophy
Jake Hedge
2020John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)
Mark Evans
2020Most Improved Colt
Will Jones
2020Most Improved Grade Player
Sam Masi
2020O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)
Dan Stocks
2020Rookie of the Year
Wilson Kearns
2020Bill Smyth Award for B & F Colt
Alex Shambly
2020Most Tries ScoredChris Yarrington
2020Most Points ScoredWill Collard
2019The Tom Duggan Award
Nick Crampton
2019David Fisher Memorial Trophy
Pat Danahy
2019Players Player
Nic Carter
2019Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)
Luke Phillips
2019Coach of the Year
Tom Jeavons-Fellows
2019John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)
Mark Evans
2019Most Improved Colt
Josh Herron
2019Most Improved Grade Player
Jonah Clarkson
2019O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)
Tom Marshall
2019Rookie of the Year
Matt Psaltis
2019Bill Smyth Award for B & F Colt
Sam Harrison
2019Supporter of the Year
Michael Kennedy, David Laanemaa,
2018The Tom Duggan Award
Greg Virgona
2018David Fisher Memorial Trophy
Jack Karikios
2018Players Player
Bryn Pritchard
2018Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)
Luke Phillips
2018Coach of the Year
David Collard
2018John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)
Nick Crampton
2018Most Improved Colt
Nick Milton-Hine
2018Most Improved Grade Player
Sam Masi
2018O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)
Bryn Pritchard
2018Rookie of the Year
Hugh Tomkins
2018Bill Smyth Award for B & F Colt
Campbell Clifford
2017The Tom Duggan Award
Nathan Boyd
2017David Fisher Memorial Trophy
Matt Roberts
2017Players Player
Ben Jeavons-Fellows
2017Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)
Matt Adam-Smith
2017Coach of the Year
Tom Jeavons-Fellows/Paul Cullen
2017John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)
David Creecy
2017Most Improved Colt
Jackson Barry
2017Most Improved Grade Player
Matt Hammond
2017O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)
Pat Danahy/Charlie Nordfeldt
2017Rookie of the Year
Will Morgan
2017Bill Smyth Award for B & F Colt
Ben Jeavons-Fellows
2017Supporter of the Year
Mark Keith
2016David Fisher Memorial TrophyAlastair Warnock
2016Players PlayerDan Farrell
2016Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Nicholas Crampton
2016Coach of the YearTodd Hogan and Paul Smyth
2016John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Mark Evans
2016Most Improved ColtSteve Keir
2016Most Improved Grade PlayerNicholas Crampton
2016O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Jack Chillingworth
2016Rookie of the YearRob Arnold
2016Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtSam Carwardine
2016Supporter of the YearMasi Family (Anne, Paul and Gracie)
2015Tom Duggan AwardMichael Flude
2015John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Jeremy O'Gorman
2015Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Justin Moise
2015Most Improved ColtCam Williams
2015Most Improved Grade PlayerTiaan van Rooyen
2015O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Dan Farrell and Ben Warnes
2015Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtHamish Douglas
2015Supporter of the YearSophie Roberts
Stephanie Cornforth
2015David Fisher Memorial TrophyTom Gillespie
2015Players PlayerDan Farrell
2015Rookie of the YearAndrew Cullen
2015Coach of the YearChris Marshment
2015SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardTom Jeavons-Fellows
2014Players PlayerCharlie Biddulph
2014John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Rochelle Martin
2014David Fisher Memorial TrophyTom Keller
2014Most Improved ColtMax Plodr
2014Bill Smyth Award for B & F Colt Alexander Williams & Jackson Fitzpatrick
2014Tom Duggan AwardBill Smyth
2014Most Improved Grade PlayerNick Sandford
2014O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Nick Breen
2014Rookie of the Year James Chance
2014Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)David Creecy
2014Coach of the YearPaul Cullen, Scott Jewell
2014Supporter of the Year Chris Meiklejohn
2013John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Matt Leroux
2013Coach of the YearTodd Hogan and Paul Smyth
2013David Fisher Memorial TrophyMichael Howes
2013Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtBenji Dixon
2013Tom Duggan AwardTodd Hogan
2013Rookie of the YearRoss Millar
2013Supporter of the YearRon Bowden
2013Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Josh Tucker
2013Players PlayerCharlie Biddulph
2013O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Ross Millar
2013Most Improved ColtEdwin Hickie
2013Most Improved Grade PlayerAndrew Corbett
2012Most Improved Grade PlayerJosh Lees
2012Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtSam Granger
2012SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardDavid Collard
2012Supporter of the YearMark Lees and Dickos Grandfather
2012Players PlayerJack Masi
2012Most Improved ColtJonte Searle
2012Rookie of the YearLachlan Hodgkinson
2012O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Greg Virgona
2012Coach of the YearCameron Gray
2012Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Marty Thomas
2012David Fisher Memorial TrophyGreg Virgona
2012Tom Duggan AwardGeoffrey Burkett
2012John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Trish Hennesy-Hawks
2011O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Scott Biffin
2011Rookie of the YearPatrick Meiklejohn
2011Supporter of the YearPaul Howes
2011Most Improved ColtTom Gillespie
2011Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Jacob Tarlinton
2011Coach of the YearClyde Livingston
2011Players PlayerAndrew Ianna
2011David Fisher Memorial TrophySimon Meiklejohn
2011John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Helen & Bill Smyth
2011Most Improved Grade PlayerSam Dickinson
2011Tom Duggan AwardPaul Smyth
2011Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtSam Smith
2010Most Improved Grade PlayerGreg Parker
2010Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Alexander Breen
2010David Fisher Memorial TrophyNicholas Breen
2010Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtLiam Tyndale
2010Rookie of the YearAndrew Ianna
2010Players PlayerEd Garner/Simon Meiklejohn
2010Tom Duggan AwardSam Macdonald
2010Supporter of the YearAshleigh Breen
2010O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Peter Shirvington
2010John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Michael Kennedy
2010Most Improved ColtTom Burden
2010Coach of the YearJohn Davine
2009Most Improved Grade PlayerBen Warnes
2009Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Terry Down
2009Tom Duggan AwardJustin O'Brien
2009Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtPaddy Yeoland
2009Players PlayerTrent Matchett
2009O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Tristrium McNamara
2009David Fisher Memorial TrophyTrent Matchett
2009Rookie of the YearTom Messenger
2009Coach of the YearJohn Davine
2009Supporter of the YearMark Williams
2009John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Glenn Lihou
2009Most Improved ColtHamish Allerton
2008Supporter of the YearPeter Lind
2008Most Improved ColtHarry O'Neill
2008O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)David Brandes
2008John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Nathan McCullum
2008Coach of the YearPaul Cullen
2008Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtTim Tyndale
2008Most Improved Grade PlayerRobert Thorburn
2008David Fisher Memorial TrophyJames Knight
2008Players PlayerGreg Virgona
2008Tom Duggan AwardAngus Booth
2008Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Steve Jones
2007O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Dan Berry
2007Coach of the YearMatt Wilke
2007Most Improved Grade PlayerMichael Mulligan
2007Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Michael Kennedy
2007David Fisher Memorial TrophyMike Bigwood
2007Tom Duggan AwardMick Munro
2007Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtNick Bradley
2007Most Improved ColtMitch Bye
2007Players PlayerJim Mule
2007John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Nathan Boyd
2006O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Gerhardt Beukes
2006Players PlayerGreg Jenkins/Chris Polin
2006Tom Duggan AwardMichael Morgan
2006Most Improved Grade PlayerMatt Neill
2006John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Bill Smyth Jnr
2006Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Paul Gruber
2006David Fisher Memorial TrophySam Macdonald
2006Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtNicholas Breen
2006SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardGraeme & Sue Shaw
2006Coach of the YearMatt Wilke
2006Most Improved ColtBen Warnes
2005Players PlayerSam Macdonald
2005Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Roger Wommersley/Shaun Wolstenholme
2005Most Improved Grade PlayerAshley Schifleet
2005John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Peter McCutcheon
2005David Fisher Memorial TrophySam Monaghan
2005O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Sam Macdonald
2005Tom Duggan AwardSam Richardson
2005Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtHenry Clark
2005Coach of the YearDean Farrar
2005Most Improved ColtJosh Tucker
2004John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Belinda Sharp
2004Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Dominic Lynch/Nick Ridge
2004Players PlayerElliot Tourle
2004Tom Duggan AwardNot awarded
2004O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Greg Virgona
2004Most Improved Grade PlayerGreg Hinchcliffe
2004Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtSam Monaghan/Pie Hutchinson
2004Most Improved ColtScott Jewell
2004David Fisher Memorial TrophySteve Goodare
2003Most Improved ColtTim Bye
2003O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Duncan McIntyre
2003Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtJames Ronaldson
2003Players PlayerChris Smuts
2003Tom Duggan AwardPeter Warmsley
2003John 'Lumpy' Dean Award (Volunteer of the Year)Chris Bowles
2003Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Drew Blaxland
2003SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardDavid Nugan
2003David Fisher Memorial TrophyBen Alcock
2003Most Improved Grade PlayerDave Webb***
2002Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Ian Hannaford
2002Players PlayerChris Corneos
2002David Fisher Memorial TrophySteuart McIntyre
2002O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Joel Laverty
2001Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Jeremy Fox
2001SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardPatrick Bryant
2001Players PlayerKarl Hamilton
2001David Fisher Memorial TrophyNick Dray
2001Most Improved ColtIan Prentice
2001Most Improved Grade PlayerHiki Swann
2001O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Tom Vallentine
2001Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtSam Harris
2001Tom Duggan AwardPaul McInerney
2000O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Peter Murphy
2000Most Improved Grade PlayerJon Henderson
2000Players PlayerPeter Murphy
2000Most Improved ColtJamies Killian
2000Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Jeremy Fox
2000David Fisher Memorial TrophySimon Barnett
2000Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtChris Coroneos
2000Tom Duggan AwardPeter Birch
1999SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardTim Martin
1999Most Improved Grade PlayerMichael Anastasia
1999Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Evan Rees
1999Tom Duggan AwardJohn Ntatsopoulos
1999Most Improved ColtTim Moore
1999Players PlayerPeter Murphy
1999O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Shane Gleghorn
1999David Fisher Memorial TrophyPaul McInerney
1999Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtRyan McGorman
1998Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Daryl Daniels
1998Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtTim Cronin
1998Most Improved Grade PlayerConnal McGuckian
1998SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardBrian Hutchinson
1998Most Improved ColtAlex Kearns
1998Players PlayerTroy McGuire
1998Tom Duggan AwardSimon Chown
1998O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Tim McGowan
1998David Fisher Memorial TrophyBen Pearson
1997Tom Duggan AwardHugh Parlane
1997Players PlayerJan Anderson
1997Most Improved Grade PlayerScott Lennon
1997Bill Smyth Award for B & F ColtRyan Whitehead
1997Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Tony Hughes
1997O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Ben McDonell/Ben Pearson/Angus Urquhart
1997SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardTony Blackwood
1997David Fisher Memorial TrophyIan Hannaford
1997Most Improved ColtHarry Hayes
1996David Fisher Memorial TrophyDavid Steer
1996Most Improved ColtDan Southwell-Keely
1996Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Tony Bewley
1996Players PlayerCharlie Brown/Carmac McGuckian
1996Most Improved Grade PlayerPeter Fraser
1996Tom Duggan AwardAfton Merina
1995Most Improved ColtSam Nielsen
1995Players PlayerCharles Winn
1995Tom Duggan AwardMichael Munro
1995Most Improved Grade PlayerJustin Moise
1995David Fisher Memorial TrophyColin Gilbert
1995O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Steve Hughes
1995Gordon Simonds Award (Clubman of the Year)Jeremy Woolf
1994Players PlayerPeter Leventis
1994Most Improved Grade PlayerSimon Chowon**
1994David Fisher Memorial TrophyAlex Hughes
1994Tom Duggan AwardChris Bourles
1993Players PlayerSimon Chown
1993Tom Duggan AwardRoss Higgins
1993David Fisher Memorial TrophyKen Gusse
1992Tom Duggan AwardLee Barratt
1992David Fisher Memorial TrophyPeter Birch
1991David Fisher Memorial TrophyTod Russel
1991Tom Duggan AwardMatt Carroll
1990David Fisher Memorial TrophyRussell Frazer
1990Tom Duggan AwardMick Hietsch
1989David Fisher Memorial TrophyChris Theiring
1989Tom Duggan AwardMick Kennedy
1988David Fisher Memorial TrophySam Tyme
1987Executive Award for AchievementChris Bowles
1987David Fisher Memorial TrophyAlan Sixsmith
1987Most Improved ColtMichael Sutherland
1987Clubman of the YearRoss Higgins
1987Mosman Daily Best & Fairest Player AwardWarren Gray and Phillip Quick
1987Most Improved Grade PlayerJim Quealy
1987SE Russell Junior Clubman AwardIan Henderson
1986Most Improved Grade PlayerJamie Kennedy
1986O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Greg West
1986David Fisher Memorial TrophyPaul Smyth
1985David Fisher Memorial TrophyMuray McLean
1985Most Improved Grade PlayerPaul Champtalour
1985O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Graham Roberts
1984Most Improved Grade PlayerTodd Hogan
1984O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Jeff Hudson
1984David Fisher Memorial TrophyPaul Zucconi
1983Most Improved Grade PlayerTodd Hogan
1983David Fisher Memorial TrophyMichael Munro
1983O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Murray McLean
1982O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)David O'Keefe
1982David Fisher Memorial TrophyPeter Quinn
1982Most Improved Grade PlayerPaul Zucconi
1981O'Keefe Family Trophy (The Best and Fairest Player)Mark Downey
1981Most Improved Grade PlayerQuinton Le Fevre
1981David Fisher Memorial TrophyMathew Carroll
1980David Fisher Memorial TrophyLee Barrett
1980Most Improved Grade PlayerPaul Parmentier
1979Most Improved Grade PlayerC. Agnew
1979Colts best and fairestGraham Parsonage
1978Most Improved Grade PlayerDavid Gadsby
1978David Fisher Memorial TrophyMichael Kennedy
1977Most Improved Grade PlayerPhil Simonds
1976Most Improved Grade PlayerJ. Walton/B. Crawford
1975Most Improved Grade PlayerP. Harrington
1975David Fisher Memorial TrophyDick Rendal
1974David Fisher Memorial TrophyBob Boness
1974Most Improved Grade PlayerP. Kolenko
1973Most Improved Grade PlayerR. Crisp
1973David Fisher Memorial TrophyJohn Buchanan
1972David Fisher Memorial TrophyDavid Ruthven
1972Most Improved Grade PlayerR. Moore
1971Most Improved Grade PlayerN. Parker
1971David Fisher Memorial TrophyIan Charnaud
1970Most Improved Grade PlayerW. Davis
1970David Fisher Memorial TrophyPeter Handran Smith
1969Most Improved Grade PlayerR. Boness
1968Most Improved Grade PlayerB. Smith
1967Most Improved Grade PlayerA. Staling
1966Most Improved Grade PlayerK. Boreham***

David Fisher Memorial Award

The David Fisher Memorial Award was first awarded in 1970, it is for Leadership on and off the Field and is awarded for:


In addition, the following points are to be considered:-

1. Attendance at training.
2. Games played during the season.
3. Best & Fairest (Behaviour on and off the field).
4. Leadership (Both on and off the field).
5. Players eligible only.
6. Open to any player in the grade and colts.
7. Fellowship.

The legacy of David FisherPrivate David Fisher

The late Dave Fisher was educated at Sydney Grammar School. Upon leaving school David entered the accountancy profession.

David joined Mosman Rugby Club 1965 and played 10 first grade games and also participated in second and third grade. David was awarded Best & Fairest player in 1966.

David volunteered for National Service late in 1967 and after the initial six month period was accepted in to SAS Special Air Services after extending his service period to three years. David was deployed to South Vietnam in December 1968 and was listed as Missing In Action Sept 1969 after a fall from a helicopter during a “hot” extraction.

David’s remains were located after 39 years and returned home to Australia in October 2008. You can read more about David Fisher on the Defence website. Photo is also from’s website.

The Tom Duggan Award

The Tom Duggan Award is awarded by the Club in recognition of long term service. Tom was an outstanding administrator at the Club from the later 1960’s up to his death in 1989. He was a stickler for discipline and had a no-nonsense attitude to everyone doing their fair share of duties for the Club.

He was probably the originator of Mosman being a Players’ Club. Tom worked hard for the Club’s on field and off field performance from when he joined, and when he passed away his family donated a trophy to the Club to recognise service to the Club over the long term, and specified that the trophy was to be awarded only when an individual met the strict criteria of the Award.

Peter Lind Jewellery Players Player Award

The Players Player Award is the Club’s only award that is voted on by the players, both Grade and Colts. Peter Lind has sponsored the Award since its introduction in 1994. Peter and his business have been supporters of the Club over the period since the Award was first introduced

Gordon Simonds Clubman of the Year Award

Gordon Simonds was a player and administrator with the club over many years – and even decades from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, some would say single handedly carried the Club’s administration on his shoulders for much of this period!! Gordon who is now deceased is one of the Club’s Honorary Life Members. He was also instrumental in establishing Nelson Bay Rugby Club, such was his great love of rugby, and his expertise as an administrator.

John ‘Lumpy’ Dean Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a member or supporter of the Club who goes beyond the expected in contributing to the game day running of the Club. It was named in honor of John “Lumpy” Dean, who for many years after his playing career with the Club, was manager of teams, mainly 1st Grade. Lumpy was a great clubman who enjoyed nothing more than being at Rawson Park on a Saturday afternoon to support the Whales, and have a few beers in the Clubhouse afterwards. He died in 2006 after a long battle with cancer.

Barry Williams Trophy for Coach of the Year

Barry Williams is the Club’s ‘Senior’ Honorary Life Member and his involvement with the Club has spanned more than seven decades. Over many of the early years he coached teams, as well as being on the Club’s committee, including as Vice-President. Barry attends all the Club’s games from his home on the Central Coast, a not insignificant effort for someone in his 80’s!

Barry presented the trophy, one he himself won as a Coach of the Year, to the Club to recognise the coach who makes the most significant effort in the coaching and mentoring of players.

O’Keefe Family Trophy for Club Best & Fairest Player

The O’Keefe Family trophy was presented to the Club by Ex-Mayor of Mosman and Club Patron, Barry O’Keefe and his family. Barry had close ties with the club when he served as a Mosman councilor and his son “Pip” played colts for the Club. The trophy recognizes the grade player who accumulates the most Best & Fairest points as awarded by the coaches each week during the competition rounds.

Bill Smyth Award for Best & Fairest Colt

The Bill Smyth Award was named in honour of tough prop Bill Smyth Snr who played for the Club in the 1960-70’s. Bill served on the Club’s committee, including as President and is one of the Club’s Honorary Life Members. Bill’s sons Paul and John both played for Mosman in Colts and grade, and Paul is the Club’s current 1st Grade coach. Bill set up the first colts teams in the Club’s history in 1978 /79 and mentored the colts for several years. The trophy recognizes the Colts player who accumulates the most Best & Fairest points as awarded by the coaches each week during the competition rounds.

Afton Hema Award for Most Improved Grade Player

Afton was a member of Mosman Rugby for the period 1989 – 2006, when he tragically died quite unexpectedly. He joined the Club quite late in his rugby life and played 120 games for the Club. However he served as Honorary Secretary from 1994 – 2006. Afton was the epitomy of a behind the scenes Clubman, always doing his job, which as Hon Sec is one of the more onerous on the Committee, and never seeking recognition. Afton was made a Honorary Life Member of the Club in 2004.

He was a fierce promoter of all aspects of fair play and clubmanship. When he died the committee named the Most Improved Grade player in his honour, as he was someone who always recognized players who put in the extra effort to play at their highest level for the Club.

The award itself is generally not awarded to new players, including colts from the previous year.

Most Improved Colts Player

The award for the Most Improved Colts Player is generally awarded to the players, who show signs of a promising grade career after they are to old to play colts.

Rookie of the Year

The award is given to the best new player to join the club that year.